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Optionally place a local block when globally blocking
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Author: mike.lifeguard+bugs

For serial flood vandals, we often global block their IP. It'd be nice to block it on Meta too from the same form. Probably that should be logged as a local block for simplicity's sake. Otherwise, we end up making all these global blocks, only to have them attack Meta while we're still trying to clean up.

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These are low-priority miniprojects that I can mop up at some point when I'm doing general code work as opposed to working on a specific projects.

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We have one of our abusive LTAs seemingly cruising the global block list and comparing it to meta's local block list. Seeing multiple occasions where this vandal will pick a report open proxy from the block list, and if it is not blocked on meta will then use it to abuse and vandalise on meta. A test (opportunity) saw it occur within 33 minutes of a global block without a local meta block.

This addition therefore increases the chance that there is not an omission of a requirement to block, and also cuts out repetitive steps that stewards need to undertake. Especially important during concerted LTA attacks where they have lined up a series of abusable proxies and are in full attack mode.


Just to scope this, I'm assuming you wouldn't want all GlobalBlocks also get blocked on meta, just a subset? Is there a way to determine that automatically, or would you want a checkbox / separate form for this special case?

It would be pretty easy to do this by adding a hook into either the process or the global block form. Or as a javascript gadget.

Personal opinion ... a subset, so this is a conscious decision to apply the 'AND' component

[Statement: Predicating comment that the standard output form [[Special:GlobalBlock]] from a global block will still be the same and give an option to progress to a local block.]

if checkbox

I do not see that a separate form is required, and that a "checkbox" would be suitable if it applies the following meta local block with the conditions

  • Same period
  • Same reason
  • Anon only (this differs as global could be either anon or total)

The question is whether it does:—
a) directly applies this overwriting something local to meta already; or
b) directly applies this unless there is something local and it presents an option to modify; or
c) sets up a local form ready for "do it" application

Personal preference is b) > c) > a)

If a person wants different conditions to be applied, they can then progress manually to the form, as we do currently via the local link.

if not a checkbox

then whether the contents of the [[Special:Block]] are imported and sit in a separate section of the form where different conditions could be applied. That would presumably return any current applicable blocks if the url is in the form

For me, checkbox is fine, though I will prod other stewards for their opinions.

NOTE: If we are playing with the form, can we also look at [[bugzilla:36834]] which is about the exit page from the same form.

Ruslik00 wrote:

This can be done with a gadget that should apply a local meta block.

Change 119915 had a related patch set uploaded by Hoo man:
Optionally place a local block when globally blocking

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Optionally place a local block when globally blocking