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Change texts for intro tour (No. 2)
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Please replace the texts from the intro tour with these new ones. They were taken from the prototype's intro tour.

((First popup))

You happen to experience an edit conflict: During your edit another user also edited the page and saved it. Your version now does not include the latest edits. We are kindly asking you to merge your version with the now latest version of the other user.

[Start merging] ((please note the small “m”))

Conflicting versions (1/3)

You see the other user’s conflicting changes in yellow on the left side and your version in blue on the right.

Grey boxes show lines without any changes. These can be expanded or collapsed and edited if needed.

Choose which changes you want to keep (2/3) ((this heading has also changed))

Select line by line which text version you want to keep by clicking on one of the two buttons between each pair of conflicting changes. When you have selected a version, you can edit it by clicking on the pen icon. It’s also possible to copy text from the version you didn’t select by using the copy and paste function on your keyboard or with a right click.

You need to select one version for each changed line to save the merged text.

Highlighted text (3/3)

The text that was changed in either version of a line is highlighted. After you edit the text, the highlighting will be gone.

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