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Document which per-patch/daily Jenkins job is running for repositories with Ruby/Node.js Selenium tests
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List or repos with Ruby tests is available at T139740. List of repos with Node.js tests is available at Selenium/Node.js#write-tests. List of jobs running for a repo is available at integration-config/zuul/layout.yaml.

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zeljkofilipin added a subscriber: hashar.

I don't remember why this was needed for. 🤷‍♂️ @hashar, if you remember why we needed this, please reopen.

I think that followed one of our 1/1 discussion with me being confused by all the jobs that are named alike but serving different purposes (per patch or daily) or different framework (mediawiki_selenium or wdio).


selenium-XXXmediawiki_selenium with Saucelabs

I think that is clarified since I have dropped the mwext-mwselenium* jobs :]