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Monitor backup generation for failure or incorrect generation
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As part of the goal for the backups monitoring we have to create a set of scripts to:

Generate metrics and historic data about databases (objects, table and wiki sizes, growth over time, etc)
Detect and alert on backup metrics anomalies

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With the disclaimers that T205626: Document clearly the mariadb backup and recovery setup T205627: Purge and monitor old metadata for the mariadb backups database and T205628: Handle object metadata backups and compare it with stored database object inventory were not done (but also were not part of the original scope either), we do have a new set of icinga checks that make sure that backups happen regularly and correctly, and have reasonable sizes (e.g. non-0 byte backups).

Screenshot_20180927_165524.png (877×1 px, 329 KB)

The function needs a lot more polishing but it works (e.g. it detects no backups are currently available for eqiad for s6, s7, s8 and x1), due to a lack of hardware that will be purchased next quarter.

Having said that, I consider the original project completed.