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Research Showcase July 2018
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  • Fabian Flöck
  • Lucie-Aimée Kaffee

When: 7/11/2018

Host: tbd (@DarTar looking for a volunteer)
IRC host: tbd

Confirm with speakersY
Request the event to be created in the staff calendarY
Upload abstractsY
Create Hangout Air event in advanceY
Email to the listswiki-research, analytics, wikimedia-l, wmfall
Let office@ know about the guestsY
Reminder to lists on Monday
Announce via social mediaY
Add slides and video link

We will need to move the dates on the staff calendar, change the google hangouts links before sending, and find a room. The event was moved from 7/18-7/11.

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Emailed both speakers today asking for titles and abstracts for talk.

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Hi @srodlund, I'm sending out the social media announcement, thanks for taking care of the rest while I was out. A reminder to add the YouTube link to the wiki page as soon as it's available, thanks!

Sent a reminders to the speakers about the slides, after which we can close this.