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Watchlist bullets missing colors
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Perhaps similar to T198445 but with a slightly different effect. The bullets on the new watchlist show up, but they no longer fill in solid for unseen changes. The timestamp is slightly bolded for the unseen edits, but the bullets remain empty. Note that I disabled any scripts with &safemode=1, so unless a gadget is misbehaving, the problem lies elsewhere. Screenshot of this is below, the red line is where the unseen edits begin.

missing bullet colors.png (1×1 px, 156 KB)

The green bullets still show up as normal, as can be seen here:

green bullet.png (438×1 px, 48 KB)

This is happening in Edge on Windows 10. I haven't checked from my home box (Firefox on Debian) yet, and will update if that has the same problem.

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Mooeypoo added a subscriber: Mooeypoo.

Hmm. This is odd, but it seems to be the same problem as T198445: Markers not appearing. I can't reproduce this exact effect to test if that patch fixes it, but just from generally knowing what caused the previous patch (mismatching selectors) I anticipated this one may be fixed as well.

We should QA this one too.

Just confirming that the same thing is happening from Firefox (Nightly) and Chrome (Developer) on Debian Testing (KDE).

Etonkovidova added a subscriber: Etonkovidova.

Checked in betalabs: (the screenshots are done for Edge/Windows10 in SauceLabs, so the quality is little poor)

  • Unseen (the filled bullet points) with 'Group results by change' option:

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 4.14.24 PM.png (538×655 px, 183 KB)

  • Unseen change (the first one) after "View newest changes" is clicked:

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 4.03.59 PM.png (647×1 px, 320 KB)

  • Unseen and Seen changes with highlight:

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 4.50.46 PM.png (561×735 px, 137 KB)

Will check after deployment.