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Restored faulty merges don't show up in search results
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The items and didn't show up in the search results after the wrong merge has been undone. After some edit, they will appear again. I've tried that with the first item listed and left the second item as a test.

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Are edits propagating correctly these days?

Maybe related, on I see a label that was reverted four days ago, and this has nothing to do with my web browser (although it would probably be updated if we used action=purge).

@abian that is not related to search, afaik it's some cache that holds labels, not search index. I am not sure how to reset that cache, maybe somebody from Wikidata team does.

Q55148401 is indeed not in the index, not sure why. Maybe some kind of job failure?

Could be a job failure. I don't see anything in logstash that seems relevant, and the edit was > 7 days ago so any jobs we ran have fallen out of the job queue by now.
I ran the job manually from terbium mwrepl with:

(new \CirrusSearch\Job\LinksUpdate( Title::newFromText( 'Q55148401' ), [ 'addedLinks' => [], 'removedLinks' => [] ] ))->run();

All worked fine and it updated the page. Not sure why it didn't work the first time around.

Sounds like it was a job failure, we'll keep an eye on it for a bit, but there's nothing actionable to do right now