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List entries in recent changes contain U+0E20 (or U+200E?)
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Took me half the night to find this out. Copy and paste from the recent changes list has some side effect. As seen in screenshot A

ScreenshotRC20180702a.jpg (500×960 px, 167 KB)
i marked the blue text in the recent changes list. Then i copied this into the clipboard but after pasting this into a texteditor i got some weird effects. But after pasting it to a simple .txt file and viewing this textfile in a hexeditor (see screenshot B)
ScreenshotRC20180702b.jpg (103×648 px, 26 KB)
i saw that an extra character THAI CHARACTER PHO SAMPHAO' (U+0E20) is located between the 'p' (from Streep) and the ';'. Please remove it.

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That's not U+0E20, but U+200E, LEFT-TO-RIGHT MARK, which is necessary for correct display should the title end with a letter from an right-to-left script.

Aklapper renamed this task from List entries in recent changes contain THAI CHARACTER PHO SAMPHAO' (U+0E20) to List entries in recent changes contain U+0E20 (or U+200E?).Jul 2 2018, 9:53 AM

Oh, sorry for mixing that up. Knowing it, i can deal with it. Task can be closed.

@Formatierer: Feel free to change the status of the task yourself via the "Add Action..." dropdown.

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Expect the unexpected.

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