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Archive the AzharAuth extension
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@Dereckson wrote the AzharAuth MediaWiki extensions a few years ago. I would like to get it archived on the basis of:

Probably want to hold on @Dereckson comment :]

To-do list

  • This task
    • Add maintainers of that extension as subscribers to this task (if they have no apparent Phabricator account, notify them on-wiki or via email if possible and note it here).
    • Add Phabricator project <#ProjectX> as a tag for this task, or MediaWiki-extensions-Other if there is no project.
  • On-wiki documentation
    • Archive documentation on ( replace page contents with {{TNT|Archived extension|last revision id before archiving|reason=archive reasons, per [[phab:T######]]}}; include a link to this task in the reason parameter.
    • If documentation page was translatable, remove <translate>, visit Special:PageTranslation, and click "remove from translation" (if you don't have the translation administrator right, ask a user who does).
    • Archive Wikidata item associated with documentation page ( (remove nearly all statements, except instance of (P31) = MediaWiki extension (Q6805426), which should add a qualifier end time (P582) = the YYYY-MM-DD date that you decided to archive extension, generally per edit history, change English (and other languages if possible) description to "archived MediaWiki extension" (and its translation)).
  • Phabricator
    • Archive Phabricator project <#ProjectX> for the extension.
    • Mark all Phabricator tasks for the extension either Declined or Invalid.
    • Edit Phabricator project <#ProjectX> description for the extension with a link to this ticket.
    • Remove from (groups/MediaWiki/mediawiki-extensions.txt) (add project as a tag for this task).
  • Configuration/tests/integrations/etc.
  • Repositories

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Yes, let's wait for @Dereckson.

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Dereckson added a comment.EditedJul 22 2018, 10:27 PM

No objection, as long as there is an easy possibility to unarchive it.

Current status:

  • there is experimental code to upgrade the extension, written at the time anomie and tgr worked on the new AuthManager, but unpolished
  • there are 4 wikis with a need for an extension update, so yes, it should be done
  • it's not a current priority for this summer
  • it's also very probable a better migration path would be to use a more versatile SSO solution in front of both software

The un-archival, as it is the archival, is super easy; but if you or other people have plans to work on the extension in the near future I'd not bother archiving.

Dinoguy1000 updated the task description. (Show Details)Oct 16 2018, 7:05 PM
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@Dereckson An update on the status of the extension or plans would be good if possible. Thanks.

Restricted Application added a subscriber: Liuxinyu970226. · View Herald TranscriptMar 13 2019, 12:17 PM

Considering that there has been no updates since T198601#4444237 and T198601#5020573, I'm leaning to start the archiving process. I'll wait a little bit again though.