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Investigate if magic words `%AUTHOR%` and `%TRANSFERUSER%` are needed
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  • %AUTHOR% is the user who uploaded the last file revision. CommonsHelper2 used the imageinfo API. FileImporter does have this information already.
  • %TRANSFERUSER% is straight away the user who is performing the current import.

Source code:

Please note that the whole reason this feature exists might become irrelevant. CommonsHelper2 was doing the file upload with the user account which performed the upload. Therefor template replacements like ;self:self|+author=%AUTHOR% existed to not loose the information about the original uploader. This is not relevant any more with FileImporter. Therefor the entire magic word feature might be irrelevant.

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Dear PM. My advice here would be to ditch these %…% tags. We should remove them from all config pages as well as help pages to not confuse people. Both the original uploader of a file as well as the user doing the transfer are well tracked when using FileImporter, and clearly visible in the page history, upload and import logs, user contributions, and such. This is an essential feature of the extension, in contrast to CommonsHelper where all uploads are done by the same bot account.

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