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Temporary logo change for frwiki
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The French Wikipedia wants to update its logo for the passage of two million items, and keep it for a month.

The change will be made using a Mediawiki:Common.css hack so that it is effective as soon as possible, as said in the doc.

Nevertheless, several elements such as T98640 indicate that this modification is clearly not optimal for the cache, and that large wikis like frwiki should rather go through configuration modification via the logo file present in operations/mediawiki-config.

So, is the edit of the repo needed in our case?

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Not necessary anytime, then.

Please dont close this task yet. I would like to be sure that Performance-Team is aware of the change, and if they want to do something else.

That can still be sorted out in this task or somewhere else when this task is invalid (see previous comments; logo was already changed)...