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Slow saving time on external site
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I have an external non-profit wiki hosted under The problem is, it takes 40+ seconds to save changes made to articles with many images from Wikimedia Commons such as this article:

It does not occur when saving changes to an identical article with only locally uploaded images such as this example:

I also created an identical test page at the free wiki farm Miraheze, and it only took 5 seconds to save changes to the page there although all images were located in Commons:

So both Miraheze and my own connection thus work fine. The problem seems to be in the communication between Wikimedia Commons and my host ( They tell me that there's no problem with their servers, so can you do anything to decrease this latency?

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Hi, please see the 'network' tab of your web browser for load times of items. might also provide some hints.

As Wikimedia Phabricator/Maniphest is for bug reports and enhancement requests, I am closing this task as invalid.
Please ask on the MediaWiki Support Desk for MediaWiki server configuration issues. Thanks for your understanding!