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Request creation of WikiCiteVis VPS project
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Project Name: wikicitevis

Wikitech Usernames of requestors: @Samwalton9

Purpose: Hosting the WikiCiteVis tool (

Brief description: This is a lightweight search and visualisation tool for exploring the Citations with identifiers in Wikipedia dataset. It was set up using a Docker container, and therefore can't be hosted on Toolforge as far as I understand (or I would have gone that route).

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: Ideally this month.

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You should be good to go for now. I've created your project and added you to it. You should be able to access things via Horizon, now, to set up.

I was having some issues sshing to an instance in this project, despite being able to connect to bastion and other project instances with no problem.

@aborrero helped figure out that this was due to the project name (WikiCiteVis) not being all lowercase - Error: Could not initialize global default settings: Certificate names must be lower case - puppet didn't like that the certificate had capitals in it. The project is now recreated as wikicitevis and working correctly :)

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