Add RSS feed as full-blown format to the API
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The api could allow "exporting" pages in the various RSS, and atom

I.e., the output would look like a normal RSS full feed (but you could
also have a parameter for excerpt only, e.g., excerpt=55 (55 words)).

The advantages over plain RSS? Well, via the api one has a very
flexible way to generate the list of pages one wants to export.

And do consider that many programs (well, all I know is WordPress)
have an "Import from RSS" function, but no "Import from MediaWiki"
function, so you would be providing a vital bridge...

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: enhancement


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Jidanni created this task.Mar 9 2009, 2:14 AM

Sounds like a nice feature that would make custom modules like action=feedwatchlist obsolete.

Rewording summary. I'm thinking of implementing this in a way similar to export

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We are actually not very far from it, since ApiFormatFeedWrapper already inherits from ApiFormatBase.

Formatting errors via the feed would be great.

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"feeds" as a generic format doesn't make much sense. What would a feed for action=query&meta=siteinfo look like?

This task sounds more like it's asking for a generic feed action that takes a list of titles (possibly from a generator) and exports the revisions as a feed, similar to how action=feedwatchlist or action=feedrecentchanges work.