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Queries and maybe scripts to verify equivalence of data in new-Kafka-pipeline-testing and pgehres production databases
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AndyRussG, Jul 3 2018


See T196564 for testing database schema, and T196563 for info on what we need to check.


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wikimedia/fundraising/FRUEC : masterFRUEC & Legacy impression data comparison script

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Hey Andy, could we chat about this when convenient?

Hey Andy, could we chat about this when convenient?

For sure! Let's chat on IRC to find a time, sound good? :) Thanks much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jgleeson claimed this task.Aug 13 2018, 1:25 PM

Location of the log files to be consumed into the database in the new system: alnitak:/srv/banner_logs/2018/. (There's a lot in that directory... To find some, try: ls /srv/banner_logs/2018/ | grep -v beacon | tail -n 10

Change 456016 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jgleeson; owner: Jgleeson):
[wikimedia/fundraising/FRUEC@master] WIP: Backend Stats Comparison Script (bannerimpressions part)

After talking on this with Andy, it was suggested that a summary output showing matching/non-matching lines count data between backends would be useful.

FRUEC & Legacy impression data comparison script patch pushed with usage notes:

For testing of the script itself (to confirm it works as expected before testing on live data) I have added some sample SQL for the legacy, and FRUEC databases on the tech google drive folder under the path fr-tech-things/tmp/