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OTRS wipes email during edit
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Not sure why or how this happen, but during a lengthy editing of an email in the OTRS ticket system the system suddenly logged me out then wiped the email. As this represents several hours of work it was very annoying.

Going back two times confirmed my suspicion, the text is still in the cache, but as the window is without any navigation I guess most users won't find the backnavigation in the right click menu.

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Had you actually saved anything to OTRS or was it just in your browser session?

Seems like I could send the version in the browser cache. Checking the OTRS ticket my reply is sent, so my problem is fixed. It was although pretty annoying, and it would be nice if other OTRS users could avoid this altogether.

The ticket is 10753359, and it is in Norwegian.

I typed in the popup window, and then copy-pasted an email address in the CC field, and then the window reloaded asking for credentials. Back in the email content was gone.

I frequently run into the same issue. OTRS terminates the session after SessionMaxTime/SessionMaxIdleTime seconds (not sure what these values currently are in our installation, defaults are 16h/2h). As far as I'm aware it does not store the content of the email compose form anywhere, so if you are able to retrieve it nonetheless that should indeed be coming from your browser. As a workaround, there are a few browser add-ons that continually save forms and allow you to easily restore their content, such as Typio Form Recovery for Chrome (which I am using with OTRS).

OTRS 6 (which we haven't migrated to as yet) will bring the possibility to save drafts. However, the feature at this point does unfortunately not include an auto save functionality. OTRS feature requests can be placed here:

So there are different solutions:

  • Agent-side browser extension (Typio Form Recovery for example)
  • "Draft" function of OTRS 6 when we migrate to it (T187984), but this is only a workaround since there is no auto-save.
  • Ask for the feature (long process) on OTRS Ideas

This is upstream.