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User testing of search, Explore feed updates and general navigation changes in the app
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Why are we doing this?

The iOS team has been working on a redesign of the app, which includes updates to the Explore feed look and feel as well as changes to the search navigation stack.

The primary goals of this test are to gain insights on the following questions:

  • Can users differentiate the different cards on the Explore feed?
  • Is the organization of the Explore feed clear to users?
  • Can users successfully locate search throughout the app?
  • Is the navigation stack from search logical and natural for users?

Testing script

Test format

This test will utilize to recruit users, record sessions and ‘facilitate’ the test.
The test is an unmoderated, task based test. Users will be given a set of tasks to complete in a 5-10 minute time frame, followed by a set of 4 written questions. Users will perform the test remotely.


5 users will be recruited using 5 additional users will be recruited from the mobile apps user testing list via email.


Testing with new users from
Explore feed

  • All users were able to identify different card types in the feed with ease
  • All users were able to locate a specific card from a specific day (top read 2 days ago on English) easily
  • 3 users used the search tab for their first search, 2 users used the search box at the top of Explore for their first search and 1 of the users whose original search was from Explore used both search boxes
  • Announcement cards appearing further down in the feed now that there are date headers is confusing to some users
  • 1 user wanted the cards from their primary language to appear before the cards from their secondary language
  • 1 user seemed interested in turning off the feed in their secondary language but looked to the language section of Settings to do so


  • The keyboard search button was really confusing and frustrating for 3 of 5 users. One user thought that the search results page was an article because they had tapped on Search from the keyboard so many times
  • One user who saw the tool tip for the W button was upset by the W taking them back to the Search tab when in a stack originated from the Search tab
  • No users seemed surprised by the back navigation on the search stack, although 1 user wanted search to appear multiple times in the stack
  • All users kept getting into a weird state where their search term would be preserved on the search screen but the keyboard wasn't active (I think this was a weird bug with using's app at the same time though, as I can't repro)


Testing with new users from

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