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Toolforge Tools listing is now very slow
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I don't know since when the new look for the tools listing exists, but it is now terrible to use (near a farce to use, unusable). I tested several systems (Windows7 64x) and on two it nearly freezes and crashes my browser. The search is also not working, it overburdened my system fully (it seems a real-time search and it seems the browser fully freeze too if the page is not fully loaded).

So it seems only work on new strong client machines or the full system is thoroughly slow.

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Hey, not part of the tools admins, but I guess you mean ? It indeed seems slow, probably because it is trying to show all tools at once. Just suggesting and see if that is faster for you (sorry not too familiar with tools, so I may not be really that helpful).

In the maintainers defense, that looks like a pretty new functionality, which probably needs a lot of optimization and bug fixing. Thanks for reporting, pinging @bd808 so he may be able to help you better (not sure who maintains that, though).

That's it, I updated the desc. You directory link is fine!

The current layout was introduced in October 2017. It is based on the system used by Hay's directory, but includes many more tools because rather than being opt in it reads directly from the LDAP system to find all of the known tool accounts. The prior system listed all of this data in a single giant table. The new layout uses bootstrap4's "card" layout which is a lot of nested <div> tags and flexbox css. This is certainly more complex for the browser to handle and likely does not perform well at all on older hardware/software.

bd808 triaged this task as Low priority.Jul 6 2018, 8:34 PM

Triaging as low mostly because it is likely that this section of the admin tool will be either removed or significantly changed as part of the Toolhub project.