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Release MediaWiki 1.27.5/1.29.3/1.30.1/1.31.1
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Previous release work: T180272

Tracking for activities actually pertaining to making the release of MediaWiki 1.27.5/1.29.3/1.30.1/1.31.1

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Should probably decide if we're going to try and use the ideas in T196602: Streamline MW security release process

Legoktm added a subscriber: Legoktm.

Status update:

  • T169545 - deployed, backports in phab by Reedy
  • T167937 - CR -1, needs a new patch.
  • T187638 - patches merged to all branches in Gerrit
  • T194605 - deployed, needs backports
  • T194237 - patches merged to all branches in Gerrit
  • T196386 - patch deployed/merged in Gerrit only for CentralAuth, still needs a patch for AntiSpoof itself. (extension isn't bundled though)

Ok, let's get this done next week as @Legoktm has pretty much finished the prep work off

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