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Consider renaming and/or changing the tagline
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Maybe we can find a catchy as well as descriptive name for the tool, which gives users more information about what awaits them /what the tool does. "mitmachen" is a good incentive, but maybe we can add a tagline to narrow it down?

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Cirdan renamed this task from Consider renaming to Consider renaming and/or changing the tagline.Jul 17 2018, 8:02 PM
Cirdan added a subscriber: Jan_Dittrich.

@Christine_Domgoergen_WMDE and @Stefan_Schneider_WMDE do you have any ideas? What would be a good and descriptive name ("sprechender Name") and a descriptive, short but informative tagline (Unterüberschrift) for this tool?

@sonkiki I'm only creative at times regarding those names. I'll keep that in mind and will get back as sonn I have a creative burst on that :)

Happy to announce the result of our team's collective brainpower:

Mitmachen bei Wikipedia

Bei Wikipedia gibt es immer etwas zu tun…

Hier findest du kleine und größere Aufgaben in allen möglichen Wissensgebieten. Jedes Komma zählt - mit deinem Beitrag verbesserst du die größte Enzyklopädie der Welt für Millionen von Menschen!

sonkiki reopened this task as Open.EditedSep 24 2018, 2:51 PM

@Cirdan I wanted to close this task as resolved, but I guess it's not resolved until you've had a chance to implement it :)

*edit*: I also added a pull request on github for this.

Since there is no designated space for "into_text" yet, I added this text as part of the "claim".

Cirdan moved this task from Discussion (Team Ideenförderung) to Done on the Mitmachen board.

Merged. Please re-open if you would like to have the intro text somewhere else!