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Show imported files / file pages in users' special pages in target wiki
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When a file is moved, its uploaders should still receive full credit for their actions. Since the moved file may be deleted in the source wiki, it is of vital importance that you can see the edits on the target wiki.


Acceptance Criteria

  • The edits on moved file pages appear in the Special:Contributions file
  • The moved files appear in the Special:ListFiles file
  • This should happen both for users that already existed on Commons before the move, and newly created users.

This ticket should be handled after T209346: If a user's file was moved to Commons, their account should be autocreated

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This particular file (Modarres Expressway, Tehran 20110912.JPG) doesn't appear in Special:ListFiles because "Include old versions of files" is unchecked.

That solves a relevant part of this ticket. Thanks a lot for the hint!

Beta seems to have some DB problems at the moment but to get a sneak peak here, I tested the behavior on my local "wiki-farm" and it seems that the issue is fixed with . By using CentralAuth to retrieved/create local users and associating the uploads to these the contributions seem fine.

From my perspective this is done/fixed now.

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