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Jade Mockups: Entry edit mode
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Create a JS mockup for an editor for Jade which hides the raw JSON and validates input.

One idea is to model this after the Wikidata UI, where you edit discrete page fields rather than the entire document at once. We've been cautioned against using the code directly but no opinion was given as to whether the UI paradigm is good or not.

Example from Wikidata:

Editor actions

  • Add judgment. Schema chooser and judgment value controls for each schema. Simplified VE field for notes wikitext, a checkbox for endorsement, expand endorsement details.
  • Edit judgment notes
  • Set judgment as preferred
  • Delete judgment
  • Add endorsement. Simple VE field for comment wikitext.
  • Edit endorsement comment
  • Editing endorsement username and "origin" (user-agent) is unusual, but probably useful to patrollers. Editing timestamp doesn't make sense.
  • Delete endorsement
  • Change judgment value. This is an unusual thing to do, and will be socially inappropriate once other users have contributed or endorsed. But we should probably still allow it in the UI.

Addressing judgment components through an API is annoying, so our editor's operations should work on the internal JSON document and changes will be submitted as an action=edit request.

Event Timeline

This could also look like a set of supported use cases rather than a monolothic edit interface. For example, an "append new judgment" action somewhere, a "view history of this judgment" UI, etc.

I generally agree that it would be better to build bits of JADE into the interface, rather than create a monolithic editing interface.

We've been discussing how the Wikidata UI includes some elements that we might borrow (see ). Editing is done in-place, the view and edit pages have been merged. Sections have buttons to edit or add.

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