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Interwiki links at special pages
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Interwiki links are incredibly helpful to navigate when you're doing a task that requires the same page on multiple wiki's.
It often happens that I want to switch between two wiki's and their special pages. That usually means I first have to figure out the English name of that page, then go to the other wiki, and type in Special:EnglishName .

It would be very helpful if we could get interwiki links on special pages (especially Watchlist) to all wiki's where I have an active user account (or a self-specified subset thereof).

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As a temporary personal workaround, you could add the desired links to your global userpage. E.g. I've got [[Special:PageTranslation]] linked on mine, so that I can access that system on various wikis.
Otherwise, I believe this is a duplicate of T123063: Special pages should link to all languages in a project.

@Quiddity The tricky part is that this requires you to think ahead which pages you want to visit :) But yeah, it could be a workaround for some scenarios (although I have a userpage in most projects already).

Sounds like a duplicate indeed, thanks for spotting.