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[2.4] Improve unsourced statement identification tools and algorithms
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We will improve tools to identify unsourced statements, such as Citation Hunt, that are heavily relied upon by outreach events and campaign organizers, with algorithmically generated recommendations. We will continue to develop and test algorithmic methods to help volunteers identify and fill citations gaps, amplifying the reach and impact of initiatives such as 1Lib1Ref and extending pilot we conducted in FY 2018.

A study on the impact of algorithmic methods on citation gaps is delivered.

Primary team: Research

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DarTar lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.

@Miriam please help me understand what we should do with this task? (I think at least some of your research goes under this but they're not linked. If you can do a link so we don't lose track of it, maybe we can close this one?)

Hello @Samwalton9 , how can I continue to contribute?

@Unit-ade: Hi, the question sounds a bit off-topic for this task, anyway: In theory I'd recommend to take a look at open good first bugs in technical areas that interest you. In practice, there currently aren't any tasks under Research marked as such: :(