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Current master code on wikistats breaks net bytes metric display
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Please take a look at screenshot of net bytes metric:


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I think the issues here are many

  • Our current code base makes it hard to decide whether there are dates missing for data returned because we do not return multiples of 12 for monthly data, rather we return 13 points for a year timespan (seems a bug).
  • the fill in dates function gets called even when it is not needed, thus shifting dates unnecessarily
  • even when I revert this change I still see an issue with pagecounts metric on console; "Error: <rect> attribute y: Expected length, "NaN"."
sahil505 assigned this task to mforns.

@Nuria : As we discusses yesterday, some of the issues were caused due to the bad rebase whereas others were coming from fill in dates function which was successfully removed by @mforns and also corrected the use of new Date() & Date,parse().

Shifting of bars due to null values is the issue that still persists which will be solved in coming days in T198630