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Develop a workflow to recommend / propose developers who should have +2 rights in Gerrit
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Capacity building.
Making a final +2 decision can be one of the bottlenecks in our code review process. (Docs about granting: ) brought this to my mind again though I had already listed it under,_available,_confident_reviewers_and_mergers

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I have some more thoughts that I'll post later but for now:

  • FInd out if we can use the list of most active contributors on and how to best check which repositories they are the most active in

I've been using a search similar to (h/t to Krenair for the search to replicate the filtering that I was doing manually) to identify potential +2 candidates.

The mediawiki group grants +2 to any repository under mediawiki/ in Gerrit, as well as some PHP libraries that are used by MediaWiki but predate the mediawiki/libs/ naming convention. There are also the individual extension-Foo groups that grant +2 for for that repository, and some other team/org based groups that are in the ACLs for related projects (e.g. Wikidata, ShoutWiki, the old editor-engagement group).

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High level, simplified:

  • Get a list of people who are the most active for each repository
  • Get a list of people who have +2 for each repository
  • Diff.

To get a list of people who have +2 per repository, I don't see any way via (just getting a list of repositories for a specific user, which is the other way round). Any ideas?

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