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Change logo of Sindhi Wikipedia
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Recently Sindhi Wikipedia has completed milestone of 10000+ articles, that's why we want to change its logo. Community consensus can be seen on this link
and this is the link of proposed logo.

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Framawiki added a subscriber: Framawiki.

Hello @mehtab.ahmed, congrats for this milestone !!!

You can change your logo using a change in your Mediawiki:Common.css local page. See for example this recent change on french wikipedia. You can copy-paste it, and just replace the url by your logo one.
Note that there may be cache problems on biggest wikis, and in this case other solutions are needed, but that shouldn't be a problem here.
Please tell me if it's ok for you.

@Framawiki I am not an admin but one of our admin is trying to change but it's not working.

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Solved by CSS hack.