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Inform users of that they can switch to the production tile server
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Most users of would be better suited to the production tile server.

If people want to stick with, they can - it's not a WMF maintained resource, so it's no additional development work for any teams, but I'd hate to see people using it because they didn't realize they could substitute it.

I'm not sure who to ask for a list of users. This should be in server logs somewhere in the form of referrers.

If people are wanting to stick with it, it'd be good to know why and what they're getting from the old osm-carto style it uses that the current WMF style doesn't do.

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Hi, thanks for filing this task.
Community Relations has a little template that's useful for us to gather information around the request for support.
I think we're good on the "What is the problem?" point, here are the other questions, copied from for your convenience.

  1. How can we help you?
  2. What does success look like?
  3. What is your deadline?

Based on your answers, I should be able to properly resource this project. (If you could please remove Chris as the assignee, as I believe he can't help here ATM.)

Qgil added a project: Community-Relations.
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As said, please let us know when this task is ready to start. When that happens, please update the description accordingly. Then we will assign it and proceed. Thank you!

@Jhernandez @Pnorman it's been a while :) should we just decline this and we can rediscuss when you're ready? TYVM!

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Sorry I didn't see the comments before. I agree with you @Elitre, we're going to decline for now, since we are not going to be working on this (we're busy doing the critical maintenance tasks) and there is no maps team.

We can re-open if we or others need it in the future.

Thanks for the guidelines for working with community relations 👍