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Parsoid fails to round-trip   embedded in html comments
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This dirty diff:
As reported here:

AFAIK Parsoid should be able to round-trip embedded entities in html comments just fine (we have a special escaping mechanism we use), and even if we didn't, selser should be able to prevent a change to an unedited part of the article.

So maybe two bugs? Or maybe a VE bug which is defeating Parsoid's normal mechanisms?

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In this edit Parsoid (presumably) replaced   in a reference name with a plain space (line 258 change block) when I made an unrelated change to the page (the addition of a parenthesis at line 289 was the only change I made, everything else is VE/Parsoid). It left the non-breaking spaces in the reference title alone.

I'm not sure if this is the same issue as this bug, but its the closest I could find (T96701 seems to be about entering the character on a Mac keyboard). Whether non-breaking spaces are useful or not in this situation, I don't think they should be silently changed.