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Remove "Translators" user group from Incubator
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There is a special usergroup which allows editing the MediaWiki namespace: the translator group. It was originally created for translating Incubator-specific messages in the MediaWiki namespace (see Incubator:Translation project). It is nowadays largely outdated, as most of the messages can now be translated on or via the local installation of the "Translate" extension. It may still be granted for specific purposes.

In three currently translators in Incubator:

  1. Rachitrali edited common.css ‎ and some local gadgets. It will no longer be possible without techadmin right.
  2. Ibrahim khashrowdi does not use it for one year. He edited Javascript.
  3. Kaganer does not use it for (about) two years. He edited Javascript too.

Therefore the translator is largely unused and redundant to techadmin. In addition the user group name is not standardized (cf T144638). Let's remove it and grant techadmin instead if required.

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Nope. Don't agree. First: No consensus was sought on-wiki. Second: Once tech-admin happens, the only thing "translators" will be able to do is to translate certain messages and communications in the MediaWiki space. Most of the ones relevant to projects once they're exported are now in, but we have a handful that we have to deal with locally. (A number of the fields that populate the template "Test wiki" come to mind.) If someone is otherwise trustworthy and is willing to tackle some of those, I'm happy to have a way to let him/her do so. And if anything, granting such a right will be less dangerous going forward. I have no trouble with the group mostly remaining empty most of the time; I'm more interested in keeping this option open.

Bugreporter changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jul 16 2018, 4:30 PM

If the message is not used in MediaWiki interface, they should not be in MediaWiki namespace.

If this group is keep it should be renamed to "interface-editor" (compare T139246#2515471). Anyway I will start a discussion in Incubator.

Per steven, still needs Incubator community support first

Discussion remains open on Incubator until 23 July. However, early indications are that the proposal will not succeed.

As far as the name of the group goes, on Incubator members of this group still have an important role to play as actual translators. So I don't think we prefer to change the name, given a choice.

This is my another point: If it's decided not to remove the group, it should be renamed 'interface-editor' for standardizing usergroup names. See T139246#2515471 and T144638.


Rachitrali edited common.css ‎ and some local gadgets.

Can you please confirm that if this is however based on Test wiki administrator instead?

I would say that this can be true, because these users who also have this right (but without translator right), are also having MediaWiki edit histories:

No, test wiki administrators cannot generally edit in MediaWiki namespace. If you would have checked the page histories of the pages cited by @Bugreporter above, you would know that in all of the above cases except the Rachitrali case, one of two things is true:

  • (Most of them) The page was originally created in mainspace. I was then asked to move the page into MediaWiki space, and did so. The edits were not actually performed while the page was in MediaWiki space, even though they appear that way now.
  • (The MediaWiki:Newarticletext-noprefix subpages) These are pages created through the "Translate" extension. They can be created even by people otherwise not permitted to edit in MediaWiki space.

As noted above, Rachitrali had (has) translator as well, and that is why he could edit common.css. At the time, the edit wasn't troublesome, so I allowed it.

The community has decided that it wishes to keep the Translator group. See local discussion. Accordingly, I am going to close this task.

I have to say that we still don't prefer the name of the group to change. Is there a chance to allow us to keep that as a local alternate name?