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Baseline iOS Program Metrics for FY18-19
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Primary metrics

Total iOS app edit counts: Number of non-bot edits which are tagged as made through the iOS app interface.
iOS edits per editor: For any given time period (monthly/quarterly), of the non-bot users that completed at least 1 edit via the iOS app, how many edits did they complete on average (arithmetic mean/median). Edits on other platform won’t affect this metric.

Health monitoring metrics

Revert rate of iOS edits: TBD
iOS contributor retention rate: Ratio of users with mobile edit activity between 1-2 months after their first edit on iOS app

See more information:

We want to compute the baseline for all wikis, and also interested wikis: French, English, Korean, Hindi and Czech

If possible, we also want to compute these metrics for anonymous editors, identified by app install ID.