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HTTPS automatically being rewritten to HTTP
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After enabling the HTTPS role the server strangely redirects all requests to the HTTPS port from https to http and displays a 400 error.

Steps to reproduce (after setting up a clean vagrant box per the instructions here with no roles enabled):

  1. Follow the guide here by generating a root and intermediate certificate.
  2. Create a CSR using these instructions.
  3. In the configuration file for the intermediate folder place the code below under server_cert but before crl_ext:
subjectAltName = @alt_names
DNS.1   = *
DNS.2   =

where is the value of

and mediawiki::multiwiki::base_domain

in vagrant hiera configuration (puppet/hieradata/common.yaml).

  1. Sign the client CSR by following the signing instructions here.
  2. Remove any AES256 encryption on the private key file using openssl (openssl rsa -in /root/ca/intermediate/private/ -out /root/ca/intermediate/private/devwiki.key).
  3. Copy the key from /root/ca/intermediate/private/devwiki.key and the .pem file from intermediate/certs/ into your vagrant directory on the host PC.
  4. Use vagrant ssh to enter the vagrant box
  5. Use the sudo mv command to move devwiki.key to /etc/ssl/certs/devwiki.key and to /etc/ssl/certs/devwiki.pem
  6. Delete/remove lines 3-12 from puppet/modules/role/manifests/https.pp or create a custom role with those lines removed
  7. Enable the https/custom role you made and execute vagrant provision.

Expected outcome: When I connect to my box using the HTTPS port nginx serves me the HTTPS version of the site (if I import the root and intermediate to their relevant trust stores)
Actual outcome: I automatically get redirected to HTTP by nginx using a 301 redirect. I can manually replace http with https however that is an inconvenience.

I can confirm that I have tested this redirect error on Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 and Firefox Version 61.0.1.

A screenshot of the network log from the Chrome browser is included below for your reference.

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