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create a tool to view all statistics (including number of files) in a category and all of its subcategories
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Currently some categories have 5 or 10 files πŸ“ and a couple of sub-categories in Wikimedia Commons with a similar amount of files πŸ“in each sub-categories, while other categories have 0 files (meta-categories) but have sub-categories that can have a few hundred files πŸ“. Currently there isn't a way to see how much files are in a category if you would count ALL of the files πŸ“ in its sub-categories, sub-sub-categories, sub-sub-sub-categories, Etc. This would be mostly handy for maintenance β›‘πŸ» and for generating accurate statistics regarding certain subjects (for example the total number of images related to a certain human settlement or of a certain subject).

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This functionality already exists via (and anyone is free to visualize the results somehow).

For future reference, please structure your tasks into 1) Steps to reproduce including an example link, 2) expected outcome, and 3) actual outcome, plus check for existing project tags to add. See for more information. Thanks!