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Investigate changed line numbers in new wikidiff2 diffs
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While looking at diffs comparing the old (~1.4) and new (~1.7) version of wikidiff2 there seems to be a change in line numbers. See example:

old vs new

In the last section the line numbers on the old version are Line 41: Line 40: while the new version shows Line 41: Line 41:.

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@jkroll and me looked at this during sprint planing and we have the impression, that the new version even fixes line number handling.

That's what we were thinking looking at the old diff:

  • in the first section of changes there is a removed line on the older edit side (left)
  • the second section of changes is titled with Line 23: on the left side while the right side has Line 22:
  • these numbers show, that the left side has one line more at that point, that is not present in the right side
  • if we keep looking at the second part of the diff we see a line added on the right side
  • the third section though, starts with Line 41: Line 40 although there was a line added in the second part to the right side

We think that this is wrong behavior and so the current version of wikidiff2 that shows Line 41: Line 41 on top of the third part actually fixes and improves that.

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here is another, clearer example of the change:
old & new

I think this supports your hypotheses, that the new behavior is better. It still remains the question of this change of behavior breaks someone usecase/workflow/gadget/script.

Thanks for the example, yeah that's a good point. We should probably think of a way to communicate that.

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