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Reuse Layer definitions in data.yml
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Every Layer's Datasource in data.yml needs to define dbname, extent, type, and *should* define key_field.

This is repetitive, and we should use one of the mechanisms YAML offers to reduce it.

One way I've done this is

  osm2pgsql: &osm2pgsql
    type: postgis
    dbname: "ct"
    srid: 3857
    geometry_field: "way"
    extent: "-20037508,-20037508,20037508,20037508"
  - id: water
    geometry: polygon
    description: Water polygons, including oceans
      osm_id: ID of the OSM object, if known. Negative for relations
      minzoom: 0
      buffer-size: 4
      <<: *osm2pgsql
      table: |-

This creates a set of properties which are brought in to each Datasource.

Related: T199814: Don't include empty Datasource properties

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