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Build Wikilabels interface on top of MediaWiki itself
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Wikilabels is an external interface for annotating edits. What if you could annotate edits directly within the page history or recent changes? This way, we open up revision annotation to more people by making it more prominent in the interface.

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Here are a few more rationales why this would be helpful:

  1. Traffic: it will allow many more editors to see the feature to mark a commit as vandalism in their regular workflow.
  2. Expertise: editors usually specialize in certain way(topics, type of edits, etc.), by putting the vandalism labeling in their workflow, this also helps editors who are best to determine vandalism on this article to label it.
  3. Real-time: Anti-vandalism is similar to security and anti-abuse technology, the attackers are going to exploit the detection mechanism until the guards are able to find a way to prevent it from happening, so being able to detect new ways of vandalism as they come is critical to prevent new vandalism approaches. Since the commit history are displayed latest first, it allows editors to label the latest commits as vandalisms first, thus greatly enhance the chance a new way of vandalism being detected by real human and then get into training data pipe-line
  4. Vandalizer Filtering: by putting it into the history it increases the chance a legit editor seeing it(feature to label vandalism), while reduce a random vandalism who are not super familiar with entire wikipedia edit flow.
  5. Awareness: making more editor knows there is an effort fighting vandalism and they have a way to help.
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