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Wikimania 2018 Hackathon Showcase
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The Wikimania 2018 Hackathon Showcase will take place on Sunday 14:30-15:30 in the Montreal room. It will be run by @siebrand and @Rfarrand.

Presenters can reserve a slot, first come, first served, in an etherpad:

Each presenter will have 2 minutes of air time.

Methodology used: presenters line up and were briefed by Rachel. Siebrand does logistics on the stage. The introduction should be very short; around 30 seconds. Siebrand will keep time using an app on his phone and presenters are shown a 1 minute sign around that mark. Once the queue is done, people will be thanked and a question about hackathon attendees vs. non-attendees will asked.

Notes from Showcase

Wikivoyage - Mobile Main page redesign -
A new main page for Wikivoyage has been built (
Current state of mobile main page needs work. I've made a new version that we can A/B compare, using bootstrap carousels by github. Matching design styles from OOUI.

Graphs for Linter -
Special:LintErrors now shows graphs of editors progress (or lack of) in removing lint errors.
@Addshore, @Legoktm
Fixing historical errors. Identifying edge-cases. Listing items we want to deprecate in the future. We can now see the trends. It saves every 500 edits in statsd, and turns it into a graph

Twi Visual Editor Message String Translation -
Translating from English to Twi all visual editor message strings

Article quality visualization gadgets - -
Three new functionalities using ORES and article quality predictions for supporting wikiwork (Article quality history)
Problem was having to go back and forth. Places the information at the side of the screen (Article quality links) (Article quality prediction)
Basque wanted the article quality assessments directly within the lists of articles. Also placing them at the tops of articles.
This wil help editors to much more easily find low quality articles to work on
Showing new functionality with machine learning.

VideoWiki -
Video version of wikipedia aka a collaborative multi-media encyclopedia
Aim to visualize the sum of all human knowledge. [demo of Text to speech content. shows relevant video content in the screen whilst content is spoken.]

Paygap in Germany
Differences in payment regarding gender and work area
Game-based learning. See what people earn in relation to profession, by dragging cards. You can also specify how *you* might setup the world differently. Uses wikidata to provide information about salaries for professions. By making it visible, it increases the chance we can change the situation.

Clustering Commons categories -
A visual tool to detect images of the same artwork in Commons and to regroupe them.
Local computer
Currently very complicated to maintain catgegories. Can have many overlapping ontology systems based on upstream's efforts. Trying to resolve this. Assuming info on wikidata will always be fuzzy, and we'll always need human control, we built the human control frontend. Can drag-and-drop cards into the correct sections,

CollabPad -
We've worked on more improvements to the collaborative editor (e.g. checklists) and had lots of discussions about potential use cases.
Ed Sanders, Roan Kattouw
Still working on this in our free-time, often in hackathons. Getting closer to deploy! See also notes from our session earlier,
Come to our meetup, 6pm Esino Lario (after keynote)

MediaWiki FormWizard Extension( Cancelled :'( ) -
We working on re-writing the current FormWizard Gadget as a Mediawiki extension.
@Eugene233, @Harej

Configurable subscription logs for Newsletter extension - (offline, not presenting due to availability)
Configurable (by a newsletter publisher/admin) subscription logs for a newsletter. Requirement by community, and hopefully would be deployed soon.

Translating disease terms to all South African native languages using Wikidata -
There is a knowledge gap in missing labels for diseases in the SA native languages. We have started a crowdsourcing effort to decrease that knowledge gap.
@Andrawaag and @Dagelf
2 years ago, we loaded complete CDC ontology into wikidata. backbone of much research. The original content is English-only. Suddenly we had all the translations in Wikidata! We demoed what currently exists, and publicized the gaps in twitter and elsewhere, and requested assistance filling them. Much progress made, but many more to go, please help!

Wikidata support for TemplateWizard -
As usage of Wikidata in templates (especially infobox) grows, we seek for better tools to edit Wikidata from client.
goals: let editors in WP access info in WD more easily. Declaratative methods between infobox parameters and wiidata properties. TemplateData once, and can fill in templates very easily after that.

Structured image annotations -
Structure image annotations as Wikidata statements: "This region of File:XXXX is P18 (an image of) of Q42 (Douglas Adams)"
demonstrating features within new annotation tool, minimum area sizes, integration with wikidata, additional hints about what it is.
Previous hackathons worked on many backend elements, and now are able to see some of these features. Structured and machine readable!

Road to +2
A guide on how to get +2 rights
We've made some efforts on onboarding newcomers, but didn't have much for retention and upskilling of existing devs. Made a start of a guide, and am hoping for people to help collaborate on further improving it.

The bot changes the description of biographies in Wikidata, but for now only in Spanish.
@Vanbasten_23 (Ángel Obregón)
after Barcenlona hackathon, finished my bot. It takes wikidata properties, to generate descriptions. For now only in Spanish, but working on more.

Terrible logos (T199882)
Terrible logos made on request. Behold the terrible, especially mw stuff

WikibaseRegistry & LOGO
Structured WikiApiary like thing for wikibase installs
Added more wikibases to it. Can see a timeline of new additions.

Anti-vandalism across platforms and especially phabricator
Working with wiki users to boost our anti-vandalism thinking
Working on patches for phab spam.
I'd like to socialize the Trusted contributors whitelist, and once you're a member you can add others.
Planning to talk to stewards about possible social and technical solutions to some of our longterm problems.

ScienceSource scripting -
DOIs to Q-numbers
@charles Matthews with Aleksey, C. Scott Ananian
compiling list. Using Q-numbers with quickstatements and tags, e.g. taking DOIs, extracting identifiers, SPARQL query, produces quickstatements, and thus to Q-numbers.

Multilingual aerial photo template for Sweden that can handle all cases
@Ainali with help of User:Lokal Profil
Airforce used to do photos, now the land-survey does it. We helped merge the templates to handle those and other exceptions.

Wikilite - Ranjith Siji
<One sentence description.>
<URL of the demo.>
<Team (list Phabricator usernames, i.e. @Rfarrand).>
search engine which displays Wikipedia articles for low-internet resource people. no images or crosslinks. Small mouse-over descriptions from initial search. then expand to full search results. then jump to image-less wikipedia article.