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use pushState() to make Back button history available
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Problem: after modifying a filter, while the URL changes, the back button is still disabled and clicking it does not restore the prior filter settings

Steps to reproduce:

  1. at enable new recent changes filters
  2. in a new tab open
  3. modify any filter (for example hide logged in users)
  4. the URL changes but the back button is still disabled

Expected results: the Back button works. When clicked once it comes back to the old setting (the logged in users are shown again)

Proposed implementation:

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Possibly relevant comment T200986#4473089

At one point early on, the back button did this (it went to the previous filter setting), but people hated it because 1) they expected the back button to take them to the previous logical page, away from the RC page and 2) it went through filter changes one by one, so undoing three filter changes took three back button clicks

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Yes, the team considered both these behaviors, and decided that the current behavior of the back button is preferable (though there are pros and cons to both). So we are declining this ticket. But thank you for bringing it.