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CX2: Translation view bar: When dropping normal toolbar appearance, drop downs should be modified as well
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Currently, translation view bar gets a non-toolbar visual treatment, for example with a lighter bottom color.

image.png (376×2 px, 135 KB)

I'm not completely convinced about having a specific pattern here, but leaving this discussion aside for a moment, the toolgroup popup found at publish settings should then look like a normal dropdown menu with higher contrast border.

Also, “all translations” doesn't behave like a toolbar element (full area background) while “publish settings’ and “publish” does…

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That menu was the result of an intermediate change (background here: T133862#4200202). The plan is to change that menu into a dialog (T197701). So I'd prefer to focus the efforts on implementing the final form of this settings instead of polishing the current one that is going to be replaced.