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Annotations in wikistats that are only visible on "all" time range get bundled up (probably an issue we cannot resolve until we have a more granular time range)
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When annotations are available in Wikistats, this is a good thing to highlight.

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Added a few annotations, for edits and editors, but they become unreadable as they are listed in the same small box.

Nuria added a comment.Nov 2 2018, 3:13 PM

@jetblad: Thanks for adding those. Given that they are only visible on the "all" view of the graph (data since the beginning of time) they are 'bundled" up. When we get around to support more granular queries in the time range this display problem will be mitigated.

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jeblad added a comment.Nov 2 2018, 5:50 PM

I would say the bundling over time is an unwanted feature. I guess it is made like this to support touch devices, but in my opinion this is a wrong choice. Bundling should only be done as a secondary effort to make something usable, not as a primary feature.

jeblad added a comment.Nov 2 2018, 5:55 PM

There are also another weird thing here. Something is a point in time at some granularity, but a duration at another granularity. For example, the Arts Council of Norway run several workshops for people in the culture field. Those workshops are visible in the graph for new editors. The workshops span over about a year, or a series of dates.

@jeblad I'm happy to take suggestions here, I wrote the bundling feature. The problem I was trying to solve was two annotations that were so close together that they would overlap visually (defined as x(A2) - x(A1) < size_of_callout_circle). If they overlap, one of them is completely hidden. Grouping them, at least there is some hint that there are multiple annotations and we can deal with the problem of how to present all of them at a later time. For example, we could have an annotations legend on the side where a user can browse through all possible annotations. Or we can incorporate them at length in the table view. We could also have a click action that brings up a dialog with the expanded annotations. We don't have designers on staff, and none of these options seemed obviously correct so we deferred it. But, like I say, we're happy to take suggestions. From a technical point of view, the bundling allows us to implement other such solutions later, and keeps the UI relatively sane for now. Do let me know if you have any other suggestions.

ping @fdans can you test if this gets better with your new time selector and if not, let's talk

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