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Filters shown as throttled on Special:AbuseFilter even without throttled action
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If a filter has af_throttled = 1 because it was triggered too often AND some of its action were automatically disabled, then on Special:AbuseFilter/xxx the message 'abusefilter-edit-throttled-warning' is shown, and on Special:AbuseFilter that filter's line will be coloured with red and the 'throttled' flag added.
However, if a filter has af_throttled BUT no actions disabled, then on Special:AbuseFilter it'll still have a red line, but no warning is shown on the filter View since no actions were throttled.
I'm not totally sure how to fix this: we could make some changes to the messages, e.g. show a slightly different one on ViewEdit if no actions were affected, or check for disabled actions on ViewList as well. But, actually, I wonder whether we should count for throttling filters which don't have any restricted action. Or maybe count them, but don't add the af_throttled flag?
I have two examples for this behaviour, but they're both private filters and I'm not sure whether it would be fine to say which ones without changing the view policy.

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Daimona renamed this task from Throttle filters shown as such on Special:AbuseFilter even without throttled action to Filters shown as throttled on Special:AbuseFilter even without throttled action.Aug 29 2018, 3:54 PM
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I was thinking about this right now. My current opinion is:

  • Don't show anything on Special:AbuseFilter if no actions were automagically disabled
  • Continue setting af_throttled even if no actions are disabled. This is for two reasons: 1- the set of throttled actions can be customized (and more so with T175221); 2 - If a filter is throttled but no actions are disabled, and the set of throttleable is expanded, that change will take effect immediately.
  • A separate message on Special:AbuseFilter is probably unnecessary. Mostly because if a filter is modified, af_throttled is set back to 0.

This issue has become a little bit more important now that we send notifications (echo) when a filter is throttled. These notifications are sent out when af_throttled is set, which can happen regardless of throttled actions.