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Creating invalid dates in rescued references
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There is a problem with the BOT creating references with invalid dates. It puts in a {{para|date}} field with a value of — which causes the reference to be flagged with "Check date values in: |date=, |year= / |date= mismatch (help)"

As an example see [ this change], I have caught about 6 of these earlier today and removed the —.

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Then there’s a problem with the TemplateData. That date parameter is being added because the template data marks it as a required parameter, for which IABot has no information for.

The template already has a year parameter that is completed so the date parameter is not required - it should only have one or the other not both.

If you are completing then you should only add valid dates not invalid dates.

year is ironically marked as an optional parameter, and not even as an alias of date. Since IABot has no idea what these required parameters are supposed to have, it ends up using — for them. However a similar issue cropped up on ja wiki, so an update to IABot will have it defining the parameter but leaving it blank.

I added a sanity check to the timestamp handler in the subroutines. This should be fixed in beta7 now.