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Typing an existing Category name in UploadWizard now requires actively accepting the proposal
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In the old upload wizard you could type something in the category line and if you just clicked anywhere outside the field you had you category automatically assigned. In this way you never missed any category.
In the new one you must also press "enter" after you type. If you don't the text stays there, but no real category is actually assigned, the text is just ignored. As I was used to the first method for years, I am missing many categories I want to place.
Can you please make it like before? (ask me if not clear)
Thank you

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Sailko created this task.Jul 20 2018, 1:59 PM
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Hi @Sailko, thanks for taking the time to report this and welcome to Phabricator!
What is "old" and what is "new"? Please see and follow the structure on when creating tasks - thanks!

The upload wizard has been just updated, a few days ago. This is want I mean the "new" one. There is a "Leave feedback" link from the top of the page, that's how I came here. Today I found more than 20 images I uploaded "needing category" because of this issue.
Please fix quickly, thank you.

Is this about Wikimedia Commons? Or some other website? (Clear steps to reproduce make it easier for others to allow reproducing. :) )

If I understand correctly:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I go to
  2. I choose a file to upload and follow the steps
  3. In the fourth step called "Describe", there is a field called "Categories".
  4. I type "archives"
  5. The dropdown offers "Archives"
  6. I do not press "Enter" so the field will not take over the value
  7. I click the "Publish" button

Expected outcome: File will be in the category "Archives"

Actual outcome: File is not in any category

Personally I do not consider this a bug and would decline this request (but I'm not an UploadWizard developer) as I don't see any problem with learn to press the "Enter" key.

Aklapper renamed this task from New Upload wizard and categories to Typing an existing Category name in UploadWizard now requires actively accepting the proposal.Jul 21 2018, 12:21 PM

Exactly! Thanks for making it out clearer. The problem is so far you needed NOT to click Enter to have a category assigned to a file you are uploading.

Just clicking anywhere outside of the the field was enough, including the next category field for the next image. Consider especially if you have to paste the same category name in many files, you could just skip from field to field without pressing Enter all the times, it was very quick and convenient.

I got used to this method, so I am forgetting now to click enter, and find out later my files were missing categories. I guess I am not the only one I got used to that.

Last, please consider in 2017 I uploaded more than 20.000 files with this method, that sum up to more than 200.000 images I uploaded for Wikimedia Commons. So I am not talking of a few dozens of extra clicks, I hope I deserve a little attention form the tool developers. Thank you.