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Add wikidata-only datasets to MonumentsDatabase
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Monuments in Australia, Tanzania, Namibia and Bosnia & Herzegovina (at least) only exist on Wikidata, not as structured lists on a Wikipedia.

Set up monuments_config for each of these (subtasks) so that they can be harvested and our tooling can work on them (e.g. unused images).

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Since Tanzania is participating and the Tanxzanian monuments were imported last year those could also be a good candidate.

That is if that if that is the monument definition that the Tanzanian team will use. @Effeietsanders do you have more info on this?

@Lokal_Profil do you have a link?

Thats just it. They are listed at c:Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2018/Participating_countries but there is no further information about the competition.

The imported monuments are these: based on

Thanks, I meant the last link. I'll reach out to the organizer.

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Removing Wiki-Loves-Monuments 2018 tag as that was two years ago; adding general Wiki-Loves-Monuments tag.