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Template, with templated name, that expands to wikitext table syntax fails to parse
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{| class="wikitable"


{{{{1x|}}!}} hi

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To avoid a click, what I said there was,

It's sort of a bug in Parsoid, it's struggling with the templated template name.

The php parser sees this as {{{subst|}}}, a top-level template argument, whose default value is the empty string. So, gets expanded to {{!}}<div>a</div>, which gives the desired wikitext table syntax.

Substitution (subst) is supposed to occur when saving a page, and shouldn't show up in wikitext.

Strictly speaking, {{!}} is a magic word, not a template. We handle templated template names, but, not templated magic words .. I am not convinced we should support that feature.

As for the subst issue, why is subst showing up in source? It is a PST. so, I am trying to understand why it should be handled in saved source.

Because it's using templatearg syntax, three { instead of two.

FYI: This is the template from where I extracted the example above:
The syntax was in use before Change 136234 was merged, changing {{!}} from a template into a magic word:

FYI: This is the template from where I extracted the example above

Ah, so this isn't even a confusion with PST. Substituição subst is a defined template argument.

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