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[Bug] Long article titles are push the W button off center
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Steps to reproduce

Search for "List of Steven Universe episodes"
Tap on the blue link to go to "Steven Universe"

Expected results
Due to the title's length, the title is replaced with < Back

Actual results
The long title pushes the W button off center

Suggested solution
Create a character cut off for when the article title is shown. Perhaps 15 characters?

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I'm still seeing this.

  • iPhone 6 simulator, iOS 11.4
  • load enwiki > Bat-and-ball games
  • tap on any link in the article

The W is slightly off-center:

@cmadeo ^ are you ok with this slightly off-center W or should we take more characters off? I kind of like having more titles visible than not, but understand if we want it to be always centered

Hmm, yeah @JoeWalsh I think we should probably shave another character or two off, it just looks a bit buggy right now :(

Testing with Wikipedia 6.0.0 (1470) app and iOS 10.3.3 (iPhone 6S). @ABorbaWMF I reproduced the steps and took screencaps below as I went along - the third screencap is most important/the expected result ("the title is replaced with < Back" as we originally wanted), while the first two screencaps are for reference - so this ticket appears to be fixed.

Looks good to me on 6.0.0 (1470) on iPhone X as well