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CX2: Encourage to fill TemplateData information when it is missing for a template
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Content Translation uses TemplateData to map the parameters of equivalent templates across languages. However, many templates lack TemplateData. Warning messages are shown when templates cannot be adapted (T192271), but we can also encourage users to help contribute the missing TemplateData if it is missing when it prevents adaptation ("template exists but mapping cannot be done") or the adaptation is sub-optimal (parameters are mapped by name, which is prone to fail).

There are some aspects to explore:

  • Destination and guidance. The default editing dialog for dealing with TemplateData (screenshot below) may not be clear for non-expert users, especially in the context of figuring out which is the information that is needed for parameters to be mapped across languages.
  • Avoid distractions. The user is in the middle of a translation, and while we want templateData to be improved we don't want that to distract the user to forget about the translation and risk leaving it incomplete. We can explore ideas to mark TemplateData to be improved later (e.g., generate a notification).

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