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[ReplaceText] Replace "Announce these edits ..." checkbox with (unchecked by default) "Mark changes as bot edits"
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Currently when starting a replacement job via Special:ReplaceText, if the "Announce these edits via Special:RecentChanges and watchlists" option is deselected, edits made as part of that job will simply be omitted from RecentChanges and watchlists, regardless of the settings used when viewing them. This means the only way to see the edits is by either viewing the contributions of the editor who started the job (or whatever account is set by $wgReplaceTextUser), or looking in the edit history of one of the edited pages (I haven't had the opportunity to see how this interacts with edit email notifications, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's particularly messy there). I understand the motivation behind this setting - text replacement across a whole wiki can be an incredibly spammy operation that most editors aren't interested in seeing when they're working through RC or their watchlist - but it would be much better if the setting instead marked edits as bot edits (and maybe as minor edits, but that might work better as a separate setting, in which case it'd be out-of-scope for this request), so those who are interested can opt-in to seeing the edits by clicking "show bots".

As for whether editors should be allowed to effectively mark themselves as bots: if an editor is trusted with access to this tool, especially given they can already suppress announcing the edits to watchlists and RC, it's no great leap to think they should also be trusted to operate a bot account.

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I would like to echo this concern. The fact that the edits are completely hidden from logging even when viewing bot edits makes me extremely concerned about the traceability of edits made this way.

Simply flagging these edits as bot edits would be my strong preference. Otherwise, I'm not comfortable running a job with "Announce these edits via Special:RecentChanges and watchlists" unchecked.

Another benefit to this would be that editors who use email notifications can control whether they are notified for these edits, simply by setting their "email me for bot edits" preference accordingly (instead of whatever system might be thought up to resolve T177291).

Yaron_Koren renamed this task from [ReplaceText] Unchecking the "Announce these edits" textbox should mark edits as bot to [ReplaceText] Replace "Announce these edits ..." checkbox with (unchecked by default) "Mark changes as bot edits".Jul 10 2023, 6:08 PM

I renamed this task, which changes the task to include a wording change for the checkbox - which I think makes more sense.

Change 946652 had a related patch set uploaded (by Yaron Koren; author: Yaron Koren):

[mediawiki/extensions/ReplaceText@master] Replace "Announce changes" option with (inverse) "Mark as bot"

Change 946652 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/ReplaceText@master] Replace "Announce changes" option with (inverse) "Mark as bot"

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@Dinoguy1000 and @SnorlaxMonster - thank you for the suggestions. Hopefully this is better late than never!