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Delete "User:Zyksnowy/sandbox", a page with more than 5000 edits on Wikidata
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I cannot seem to delete the page mentioned in the title of this task on my own. The software tells me that there would be a disruption if a page with more than 5000 edits is deleted, but this particular page has been determined to be very clearly out of scope due to its editor pasting and removing, rather frequently, many snippets small and large, some of which are very likely copyvios.

More discussion is happening on RFD and on the affected user's talk page.

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    "error": {
        "code": "internal_api_error_DBQueryError",
        "info": "[W1yoLQpAMD0AAL0epaAAAABI] Database query error."
    "servedby": "mw1226"

Same as T198156.

Well, it let me delete the page this time.

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