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[[MediaWiki:Flow-error-not-allowed/zh-hant]] translation issue
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I want to unhide a post of topic. But failed and show this message (example). In fact the reason is the post has been unhided by others. The words "Insufficient permissions" is not appropriate.


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Is it this message you need to change?

I am translating from en to zh. Do I misunderstand the meaning of "Insufficient permissions"?

"Insufficient permissions" means you don't have enough rights attached to your account to see a deleted post; only admins can see the post. That kind of message is also displayed if you try to access a deleted article.

But the post was not deleted. It was hided only. I wanted to unhide it but conflicted with other's action. In fact, I was unhiding a post already unhided. Then I got this message.

The issue was first reported as T66568: Flow: moderation action when already moderated gives misleading Insufficient permissions error

If one user unhide a topic, and another user within a short interval will attempt to unhide the same topic - the error message will say: "Insufficient permissions to execute this action." The error message is misleading - no specific user rights are required to hide a topic/post (anonymous users can do it too).
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